OLLI Plus at SF State: "Jewish Women of Early Tin Pan Alley"

Monday, April 10, 2023
Event Time 01:00 p.m. - 02:00 p.m. PT
Cost [Please see notes below About OLLI Plus]
Location The Rosa Parks Room, Cesar Chavez Student Center
Contact Email kathybruin@sfsu.edu


Is it a coincidence that of the many popular songs written in the Golden Age of Music (1920 - 1940) were written by Jews?  And quite a few of them were women as well. We'll explore some of the cultural changes and influences — traveling Yiddish theatre, early vaudeville, and the theory of the 'outsider', all of which contributed to a path that gave us the American Songbook.

About Our Speaker

Pamela Rose is a San Francisco jazz and blues vocalist who has thrilled audiences locally and internationally with her swinging, soulful style. With 7 recordings under her name, Rose also has toured nationally with her shows celebrating remarkable women in blues and jazz. Rose is on the faculty of the California Jazz Conservatory. 

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