OLLI Courses

March Mini Courses, March 10-12, 2020 - open to non members. (Click to go to catalog)

Spring Session 2020 -- March 23 - May 5 (Click to go to catalog)

Tuesday Classes will skip March 31st and end on May 5.

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Winter 2020 -- January 21 - March 2, 2020 (Click to go to catalog)

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Fee Assistance

The Hal Wanaselja Memorial Fund

Through the generosity of Maryalice Reinmuller, in loving memory of her husband Hal Wanaselja, fee assistance is available for OLLI classes throughout the year through an application process.

See guidelines and application.  

Hal Wanaselja was a life-long learner. His family home was on then-rural, Staten Island, NY where the family property line ran close to the local railroad tracks. He was fascinated by rail travel and it became his vocation and avocation and enabled him to travel the world. The youngest of six children of Estonian immigrants, music, art, education, and living history were part of his heritage. We are grateful for Maryalice's support in honor of Hal's love of OLLI; the classes, teachers, and classmates who challenged him to think, question and laugh. 

Please email olli@sfsu.edu or call 415-817-4342 for more information on how to be considered for fee assistance.

All 2020 Class Sessions and Mini Course Sessions

Winter Session 2020: January 21 - March 2, 2020

Mini Courses: March 10 - 12

Spring Session: March 23 - May 1 (Tuesday, May 5th will meet to make up for Cesar Chavez Day skipped on March 31st)

Mini Courses: May 12 - 14

Summer: June 1 - July 10 (Friday, July 17th will make up for 3rd of July missed) 

Mini Courses: July 21 - 23

San Francisco Summer: August 10 - September 21

Mini Courses: Sept 22 - 24

Fall Session: October 12 - November 20 (Wed., Nov 25th will meet to make up for Nov 11th skipped for Veterans Day)

Mini Courses: December 8 - 10