Interest Group - World Affairs Discussion: Populism in Europe

When: April 19, 2017 - 1:00pm

Populist Movement in Europe

What is "Populism"? Who were the Populist Party in United States 1891 and what did they advocate? What were their goals and why did they Fail?

Join us to discuss these and Populist activities in Europe, and Russian effort to control elections and influence the voting public of Europe. Email to receive links to articles in preparation for discussion.

1.The Dangerous Rise of Populism - Global Attacks on Human Rights Values

2. First Brexit and now Trump: what is populism and how might we view it?

3. The Automatization of Jobs: What Rising Populist Leaders Have Failed to Explain

4. Pope Francis warns against rise in populism

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SF State's Downtown Campus, 835 Market St., Room 677