Sixty Plus Lecture: Latino Immigration and the 2016 Presidential Race

When: November 14, 2016 - 1:00pm

“The Contest of Suffering: Latino Immigration and the 2016 Presidential Race”

Dr. James Quesada, Professor Chair of Department of Anthropology, SF State University

Latinos have been socially and politically singled out as a class of migrants who have entered the US illegally and are here for nefarious reasons and aims. However, people migrate to meet basic human concerns like survival, mutual care, economic opportunities, family reunification, etc. Unfortunately around the world such reasons are delegitimized. How and why have we come to this state of affairs in which reason, understanding and empathy have been replaced by feelings of fear, resentment and anger, based on contested lies and myths?

Dr. Quesada is a medical and cultural anthropologist; his research work primarily focuses on violence, social suffering, and structural vulnerability. He has focused on undocumented Latino day laborers, agricultural workers, urban youth gangs, and more.

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