Brown Bag - Dignity Fund

When: August 10, 2016 - 11:30am

The Dignity Fund – Support for Seniors

Over the past year, a broad coalition of organizations and individuals came together to create a charter amendment that is headed for the November 8th San Francisco ballot.   The Dignity Fund will do 2 things: 1) stabilize funding for today’s services and support for seniors, veterans, adults with disabilities and adults living with chronic and life-threatening health conditions and; 2) establish a fund that will grow with the City’s discretionary revenues.  Any unspent funds will roll over to the next year.  The Dignity Fund will not raise taxes.

Marie Jobling, representing the Dignity Fund Coalition, will share information on why the coalition came together, the results of early polling, the journey through the Board of Supervisors process, and the active campaign to help assure its passage.   Bring your questions and opinions.

SF State's Downtown Campus, 835 Market St., Room 677