Interest Group - World Affairs "Predicted Recession"

When: May 18, 2016 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Topic: "What You Plan To Do For The Predicted Recession?”  Currently some of the Presidential candidates are predicting a financial crises.  In addition, there are several publications predicting a global recession (See April 28th edition of Time magazine)

1st We encourage you to watch this 45 minute lecture about the predicted recession as if it were a presentation in the class room.  There are many of these presentations out there but this one is well structured.  A list of questions to consider will be provided later.  We are not concerned about the specific numbers involved as much as we are about how you react to predications of disaster like this.  If you consider them accurate what do you plan to do?  How do determine if they are correct?

The U.S. has had recessions about every eight years and the last one was in 2007/8.

2nd An Expert Says: “Look Who’s Going Bankrupt Next in America”  This is just another example of the many predictions that are out there and no reason to watch.



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