World Affairs Discussion Group - "National Security"

When: April 20, 2016 - 1:00am to 2:30am

Our discussion will focus on the book “The Dark Side” by Jane Mayer.  However, some discussion will include other National Security items.

1. National Security Strategy - President Obama’s current strategy.

Discuss “National Security”. Here are a few areas of significance to the discussion topic:

1. Fact Sheet: The 2015 National Security Strategy.

2. A case for Clemency for Snowden.

3. Why We Need a New National Security Strategy.
Additionally, Homeland Security Exploring Body Cameras for Border Patrol

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is soliciting feedback from technology companies on the use of body cameras for border patrol officers -- another step toward expanding the agency's use of camera technology to shore up American border security.

The request for information -- for both body-worn cameras and vehicle-mounted camera systems -- follows an interagency review of camera technology ordered in November by Commissioner R. Gil, conduct evaluations and develop camera policies.

CBP’s push toward camera technology mirrors efforts among state and local governments, which have moved toward increased use of the technology in the wake of several high-profile incidents of law enforcement-related violence.


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