OLLI Hikers Group - Grand View

When: April 15, 2016 - 11:15am



Come join your fellow OLLI hikers on Friday, April 15 at 11:15 AM for a steep uphill walk over some of Inner Sunset residential hills and tiled stairways to the top of Grand View Park for a spectacular 360 degree view of our Fair City. Your tour leaders will be Vivian Brown, Janis Gomes, & Linda Liebelt. Please meet us @ ANDRONICO’S grocery store (corner of 12th Ave and Irving Street), just inside the Irving Street entrance, at the coffee bar. There is plentiful street parking in the area on the 3rd Fridays of each month right after the scheduled 9-11 AM street cleanings on those days. There are restrooms @ Andronico’s, plus snacks and water available for purchase. NOTEThis will be our ONLY “Rest Stop” until the end of the tour (no public bathrooms en route). The hike itself should last @ 2 hours, which is not very long when compared to previous ones, but involves climbing approximately 400-450 stairs, and is quite steep in places. There is a short dirt trail, very uneven in places, that goes @ the top part of Grand View Park. Good walking shoes with good traction are recommended, plus – if you need them – hiking poles. The stairways are not handicapped-accessible.

At the end of the tour (@ 9th Avenue & Lincoln Way), there’ll be a lunch break. After that, there’ll be an opportunity to take a walk together around the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. Those who wish to do this should agree in advance on a time to meet up at the Monastery Stones Fountain behind the Library (directly across from the Ticket Kiosk) inside the 9th Avenue entrance to the Garden. SF residents should bring proof of residence (such as a driver’s license). Otherwise, non-residents are charged an entry fee of $6 (over 65) or $8(under 65).

Here are some tour highlights!

·       From Andronico’s, we’ll proceed uphill past the historic St Anne of the Sunset Church/ School and over to 16th Ave. On our walk up that one block from 16th & Judah to Kirkham, we’ll see rows of lovely Craftsman style homes that are fairly unique to this area.

·       Two outstanding Mosaic Tiled Stairways: Hidden Garden Steps and the even more famous Moraga Stairway. Learn the story of how these two community projects came about thanks to the efforts of 2 artist/designers; hundreds of Inner Sunset resident volunteers; and some timely government beautification grants.

·       Get up close to some of the City’s native geology, flora and fauna and learn some ways that species & their habitats are interdependent. We’ll be seeing the famous Franciscan Chert Outcrop Rock; and – with any luck – hopefully, the San Bruno Elfin Butterfly and its host plant the Broadleaf Stonecrop.

·       A short stop at the Alice Fong Yu Elementary School Garden on Lawton x Funston Ave, where we can look at the innovative eco-friendly garden and outdoor sculptures.

·       Finally, we will end our adventure out in front of the Little Shamrock Bar near the corner of 9th Ave and Lincoln Way. This Bar opened just in time for the Mid-Winter Fair in 1894, which makes it the oldest continuously operating Bar in SF! 


Several MUNI lines service this area, including the N Judah light rail line, plus street buses #6, 66, 43, 44. The ONLY line that goes right into the park is the #44. The N Judah line will take you quite close to Andronico’s, if you exit @ 12th and Judah Streets. To plan your trip via MUNI, consult MUNI’s online schedule for up to date schedules and travel times. 

RE: PARKING @ ANDRONICO’S: We’ll meet @ 11:15 as there is lots of 9-11 AM street cleanings scheduled for every 3rd Friday in that area. This means that, by 11 AM, there should be plenty of parking available around there, which will also enable you to arrive at the meeting place by 11:15.

§  West of Andronico’s on 14th-18th Aves: unrestricted except for streets designated for 3rd Friday street cleaning (check for signs on sidewalks!)

§  Ditto for Funston Ave, which is also unrestricted, except for Friday 9-11 AM street cleaning. Funston from Kirkham up to Lawton, Moraga, & Noriega should have lots of parking spaces after 11 AM.

§  Except for Irving St., most of the East-West streets – Lawton, Kirkham, Judah, & Lincoln are unrestricted between 10th-18th Aves., but always check for street cleaning days.

§  10th & 12th Aves. Are also unrestricted except for street cleaning days.

§  Should you wish to join the group for the walk through of the Botanic Garden, you may wish to park on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in the Park, which has a 4 hour parking limit. Just remember that you can only exit the park by foot or by car from 9th or 19thAves.



ANDRONICO's grocery store, Corner of 12th Ave & Irving Street