Brown Bag - Virtual Reality, Wed Apr 6 12:30pm

When: April 6, 2016 - 12:30pm

Virtual Reality: The Latest Advance in Therapy & Medical Care

Would you like to:

·         Learn what Virtual Reality is and how it helps people overcome fears

·         Experience Virtual Reality for yourself

·         Understand why people are so excited about Virtual Reality

·         Know how it is being used in psychotherapy and medicine

·         Hear how Virtual Reality will increasingly become part of your life

Elizabeth McMahon, PhD, a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience treating anxiety, has been using Virtual Reality in her practice since 2010. Virtual reality is a breakthrough in treating fears and phobias, helping people overcome fears of flying, heights, public speaking, driving, elevators, enclosed spaces, BART, or bugs. It makes treatment faster and easier.

Learn about this and other applications in therapy and medical care. Look ahead to the multiple, foreseeable, near-term ways Virtual Reality will be part of daily life.

Experience Virtual Reality for yourself.

Dr. McMahon will bring a virtual reality headset so you can personally experience three-dimensional, immersive virtual reality. You can “fly” on a virtual plane, “ride” in a virtual elevator or car, address a virtual “audience”, or just relax on a private “island.”

Dr. McMahon has been interviewed about Virtual Reality by the San Francisco Chronicle and by other local newspapers. Excerpts of her interview with television news reporter Kristen V. Brown have aired on television stations across the country. For more information, go to her website:

Advances in software and computing power are changing our world. Virtual Reality is the latest example. Come learn more.

SF State's Downtown Campus, 835 Market St., Room 677