OLLI Hikers - Nov 12, Thu 10am - Glen Park Hike

When: November 12, 2015 - 10:00am

A classic walk in Glen Park, Glen Canyon, Diamond Heights, and just a little bit of Sunnyside to keep us smiling.

We will meet outside the Glen Park Library 2825 Diamond. It is a very short walk from Glen Park Bart station on Diamond. Street parking will be difficult but a few blocks around the area has some 4 hour parking.

We will be walking through 3 parks, 4 open spaces, a couple of back alleys and one Conservatory. There will be several stairs, lots of history for people who are interested and plenty of views. The hike is 4.25 miles with an elevation gain of about 600ft and will finish where we started. I believe we can do it in 2-2.5 hours.

I would describe this as a moderate walk. This walk is about 50% dirt trails. Definitely uneven pavement in parts. If el nino starts that day we may have to adjust the walk a bit. Hope to see you there! - Coordinator Liz Hewlett. (Email to olli@sfsu.edu to be forwarded.)

Glen Park Library - Starting Point