Brown Bag “Understanding Social Media" Wed 5/6 11am-1230pm

When: May 6, 2015 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

Spend an hour or so with one of our new faculty.  Dr. Molly Hankwitz, an expert, artist and independent researcher in the history of digital culture and communications will be teaching "Personal Connection and Cyber Identity" starting June 2, at OLLI/SFSU.

21st century communications have emerged as the place of the "social" where everyone is enabled to participate. Social media has been the backbone for information dissemination in major political events such as the Arab Spring, Obama's election, #Black Lives Matter, and #YesWomenCan. It has brought about greater levels of transparency and empowerment for non-profits, community-based activism, small businesses, and the arts.

Where did social media come from? How does it transform daily communications?  This Brown Bag Lecture introduces the topic of social media through a brief overview/timeline.  Technological change and concepts of privacy, and security will be discussed.

SF State's Downtown Campus, 835 Market St., Room 617