Frequently Asked Questions

What is OLLI?

Classes, lectures, discussion groups and social events for mature learners.

People taking OLLI classes are taking them for the love of learning, and genuine interest – not for grades, certificates or degrees.

OLLI at SF State is able to utilize the academic resources of the University to bring programming to lifelong learners. Often SF State faculty teach our courses, and we are able to hold classes on the 2 campus locations.

What are the classes?

Usually the courses are 2 hours a week for 6 weeks and cover a wide variety of topics: arts, humanities, tech and social sciences.

What are the class sizes?

Because we try to foster a learning community – our classes are no larger than 42 students.

Where are classes taught?

Mostly on the SF State Downtown Campus – 835 Market Street on the 6th floor. It's right near the Powell Street MUNI and BART stations.

We are expanding to the SF State main campus which is at 19th and Holloway, the classes are taught in the Creative Arts Building on the second floor.

Are the classes just lectures?

Some classes are lectures, but the majority of our courses also include class discussion.

Is there homework?

Sometimes there is a suggested reading list, but most homework is optional.