OLLI Hikers - Potrero Mission Bridges: Community Gardens and Murals

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 10:00

Potrero Mission Bridges: Community Gardens and Murals

Meet 10 am at 24th Street BART Plaza (sw area)

This is a highly entertaining walk through the Mission District residential neighborhoods into Potrero Hill’s beautiful McKinley Square.  This walk will give us a glimpse of what San Francisco was like before the 101 Freeway right-of-way divided the City.

We will start at the BART Station and walk through the Mission residential areas to the 18th and Utah Bridge.  After crossing we will walk up San Bruno Avenue to McKinley Square, where we can take a break, share stories, and enjoy the views. Then we will walk down the famous crooked street to another freeway pedestrian bridge that will lead us to the SFGH campus. At that point we will follow Vermont Street to 25th, and pass by the Potrero del Sol playground.  Eventually we will arrive at Garfield Square, take in the neighborhood ambiance, and then enter Balmy Lane. We will take a slow walk through the famous murals and eventually get back to 24th Street, and return to the BART plaza. Abundant lunch places available.

We will see neighborhood gardens in both communities.  We will walk across two pedestrian bridges over the 101 Freeway, see the SFGH campus, and witness many examples of the wonderful city in which we live. We will observe regular safety while walking thru active streets.Across the Mission we will be using the residential lanes, not the busier auto streets. Click here to view a promotional video showing the areas we will be walking.

The walk is almost all flat, or downhill, there is a two block long uphill segment accessing McKinley Square, but it is not excessively steep. The walk on Vermont Street is downhill.There are many public facilities with rest rooms along this route. 

Here is the route we will be taking: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/157259

Participations on these walks are voluntary and members need to be aware of their limitations and act responsibly.  The hike leader is not trained for emergency medical procedures and no doctors, nurses or ambulances are provided on the walks.

Meet at 24th Street Bart Plaza